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Great new way to start the new year!

I had a short Christmas vacation, but after it was over I wanted to start the new year off with something different and I happened across EXEO International speed dating.

The format was a little different from what I have been to before, but it was still a good time and great opportunity for me to meet someone. After coupling, we exchanged contact info and have met up a few times since then. 2018’s started very well. Thank you.

Thanks for the opportunity!

I’m happy I had the opportunity to try this out. I’ve been in Japan for only two months, but I knew that around Christmas time was good for meeting up with people so I went to one of these events. It was amazing how many people there were there.

I got to meet some very nice people and even made a match at the end.

If you’re going to be in Japan a while, then these are great.


Very fun time

It’s nice that these events are frequently offered in the Tokyo area. I was able to find out that fit my schedule and made it to the event.

I had a good time talking with all the people and the staff were nice. Thank you.


Nice for meeting Japanese people

I’m a bit of a newcomer to Japan, so it was hard finding some places to meet and connect with some people. I decided to try this out just to see how it went. I was happy that the opportunity exists and it wasn’t hard to ease into it.

Would definitely recommend to try this out at least once.

Fun speed dating event

The event was a lot of fun. It’s kind of like speed dating back home.

I got to meet a lot of nice people and would try it again sometime.

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