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A Surefire Way to Dating Japanese Women

Do What She Wants

Girls, especially Japanese girls, are often very timid and reserved in relationships. They often won’t say what they really think, and will bow down to what you want to do. It can be how you spend your evening, or where you’re gonna go to for a day together. Provided they don’t actively not want to do something, they will generally say yes if you suggest doing it. If they know that it’s something you like doing, they’ll often act like they enjoy it and are eager to do it, even if they don’t/aren’t.

This is a good thing, and shows that a girl cares about you and is willing to sacrifice for you. Over time, it can wear at her though, especially if you are ignorant to her sacrifice (as she acts like she genuinely enjoy things, it can be very hard to tell when she doesn’t). It is something you should be aware of, and actively look for.

Men on the other hand, tend to whinge and moan if they’re doing something they don’t particularly enjoy, even if the girl enjoys it. Just the occasional little hint that you’d rather be somewhere else doing something else will anger her if she’s enjoying it, and this is especially the case if she sacrifices for you. Even though she’s essentially pretending that she likes what you like, and you are innocently unaware of this reality, if you whinge at all or even just look like you’re not enjoying yourself, she will get upset. She can then get angry with you, and you not understanding why, and thinking she is being unreasonable will make it even worse.

My advice? Balance the scales a bit. When you have a day together, ask her what she wants to do, without suggesting anything yourself. Try to seem enthusiastic and eager to do what she says, even if you are not. Then when you are doing whatever it may be with her, try to be (or at least seem) happy, and do not give any hint at all that you would rather be doing something else. This is difficult, but just keep reminding yourself that she does this for you, probably a lot more often. Mutual sacrifice leads to much stronger, longer, and most importantly, happier relationships.

The Younger Generation of Japanese Women

Hello everybody.

I am back to give you more advice on how to meet Japanese women successfully.

First, you need to understand that women in their early 20’s a different than those in their mid and late 20’s. This is not just a sense of style or difference in musical taste, etc. The younger generation of women in Japan are looking for different things. This is probably the way the future of Japanese women will be.

First off, Japanese women want you to have money. Japanese women younger than me would much rather have a rich boyfriend that was ugly than a handsome boyfriend that did not have much money. So, it’s important to show that you have the potential to earn money.

Next, the younger generation is nervous that you are playboys. They want some confirmation that you aren’t just looking for any woman. Many times a younger women will reject your invitation for a date. Not because she is not interested in you, but she wants to make sure you are only interested in her. Try to ask her again at a later time. But make sure you are not too forceful. Ask her if she wants to go to dinner or coffee. There is a good chance she will say yes after a few tries.

The last piece of advice I would like to give you is how to express your emotions to Japanese womens. We are too shy to hear “I love you,” many times. We prefer that you show emotions in a physical way. This is not sexual. We like to have hand held or give us a hug when we are depressed. Some Japanese women like for you to pat the head to cheer us up.

I hope this advice helps in meeting and successfully dating the Japanese woman of your dreams!

How to Get a Japanese Girlfriend?

Let’s say you’ve just arrived in Japan and you’re having trouble meeting women. How do you attract Japanese women? Are their certain customs you’re not aware of? Is it the language barrier?

The best way to attract Japanese women is the same way that department stores, clothing stores, etc. attract Japanese women. BRANDING.

You have to pick a style and stick with it. Not just jeans and a sweatshirt like you wear back home either! You need to be “Oshare” as they say in Japanese, or “Stylish.” Not too much though. There is always the risk of looking “too” Japanese. That should be avoided above all else. Wear some hip clothes, but also accent your “foreign-ness.”

Cleanliness is also a big factor. Japanese women like clean men. Clean-shaven, well-groomed hair, etc.

For a lot of Japanese women, dating a foreign guy is a way to show off her status. You are partially an accessory to whatever outfit she is wearing that day.

Of course, you can’t change your appearance too much. That is to say you can’t change your eye color, etc. (sans elective surgery.) However, if you feel like going the extra step, dying your hair blonde and putting in blue contacts will really attract Japanese women.

The final piece is money. Japanese women above most other things, want you to have money, and want you to buy her things with that money. Eventually, want you to take care of them financially (in the long-term.)

Some of these things you cannot change about yourself. However, it is best to be aware of what Japanese women are into and prepare yourself for hunting that beautiful Japanese girl you’ve always wanted to date.

How to Approach Japanese Girls

So guys, how do you start up a conversation with Japanese girls? I hope for your sake it’s not straight on face to face. By this I mean, I hope you are not directly facing eachother.

Guys and girls have different ways of thinking about space. Japanese girls especially are shy and it is better to avoid direct interaction at first.

Men have a objective and move straight for it. Sometimes even ignoring other important things and only moving towards their goals. Women are different, especially Japanese women. Even if a guy falls from the sky right in front of us, we’d still think, “There are better guys to come.”

We’re patient.

So as guys move forward and feel some kind of connection before we Japanese women do. If you get to close to us right away, we’ll only pull back.

What’s the best solution then? You need to approach from the side.

The best way to do this is to get us in a setting that requires communication in such a manner. At a bar or restaurant are perfect. Try to appeal to us in from the side.
It is said that men look best from an angle rather than straight-on anyway. Have you heard that before?

If you do happen to be forced to talk face to face, adjust your chair or turn slightly so you are at a 45 degree angle. I know it sounds silly, but it really does help.

It’s not just the direction from which you approach or the angle you set yourself at either, the tone and volume of your voice is very important.

We respond to a more relaxed tone. Don’t be too excited. Show us how adult you are. You might think that is too reserved, but that is what gets us. It’s almost like fishing, leave the bait out there and relax. The trick is to get the women to respond to you and move in closer on their own.

And don’t forget! Keep the converstation going with questions about her. Make her the focus, and show your best side, and I’m sure things will go well for you!

The Outside vs. the Inside.

The reality is that most women here who like foreign men do so simply for the reason that they are foreign men. It’s considered very cool to go out with foreign men; foreign men are considered very “kakkoi”, and many women are attracted to them for this reason. The first thing therefore that you have to be careful of is not becoming somebody’s plaything or status symbol. Many women who you meet who take an immediate liking are more interested and excited by what you are, rather than who you are.

You could be her boytoy, her cool gaijin boyfriend; she’ll show you off to all around her. She doesn’t really care what you have to say, and doesn’t really care about you. You’re almost a fashion accessory. These sorts of relationships tend not to last all that long. If you’re fine with the arrangement then go for it, but if you’re looking for something more serious (whether consciously or unconsciously), be careful not to get too attached to somebody who doesn’t care about you quite as deeply as she may make out.

Many, many men fall into this trap, and it’s sad to see them hurt.

Likewise, try not to get big-headed. A lot of foreign men start to believe that they are special, just because they are superficially treated as such. You may be treated like some sort of celebrity, but do try to remember that you’re not one. People’s excitement and interest in you is not as deep as it may appear.

I don’t wish to sound too melancholy. Of course feel free to go and have fun. There is no doubt lots of fun to be had. All I’m saying is that you should be aware that it often looks like a Japanese girl cares about you more than she truly does, so if you feel yourself becoming more attached, just keep your feet on the ground, and keep everything in mind, or it’s easy to get hurt.

All the best.

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