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Dating Tips

Foreign men Japanese woman five charm yearn?

Japanese women more say also a symbol of Asian beauty, also is said to have a high reputation in the world. Foreign men is, What kind of place on whether the Will feels the charm.

① clean black pupil black hair. The Doki in “exotic look”!?
“Again, to say is the most attractive What,” of dark eyes and silky black hair “, and” crystal clear skin. ”

② height of aesthetics and that “at any time want to be beautiful.”
In “at any time want to be beautiful,” the height of awareness of beauty that, my darling is likely to Kyun….

③ Japanese women “skirt rate” is high!?
Also that women are enjoying the charming fashion-catching men’s eyes often, for us foreigners, I feel that he has to impress point to Japanese women.

④ image of “Yamato Nadeshiko”
Style unique to the Japanese that “while thinking an opponent feeling contact”, the soft “friendly” demeanor impression. it is not like that to contend, to modest personality to draw one step, it is so with a comfort and a “family” image.

⑤ is “percentage” is high of good female appearance!?
“For Japanese, women who feel Although overseas seems to have an image that women with beauty and style, such as the model there are many, in fact, such a woman seen from the minority. Men and” look attractive! ” the percentage is overwhelmingly Japan is high likely.

“Quality foreign men seeking women” Best 3

Of course of language and culture differences, foreign men “talent seeking women” is also very different from the Japanese men.
So this time, for women who are interested in international love and international marriage, we will introduce the “foreign men makings three seeking to lover”.

1: self-reliance
Foreign men, anyway seeking “independence heart” to women. That you are financially independent by living alone Once the working people, of course, tend to respect the mentally and “it is not fit to rely on male” women. Chasing their career and dreams, hobbies and interests nor do not forcibly to match it to men, it is women who do not lose “myself”.

Men and women, is always equal in even marital relationship in lover. So foreign men, can we respect the time and hobbies that go out in the man between, prefer a calm woman even without always Bettari together…….

2: amass an equal relationship, happy even one women
So this time, for women who are interested in international love and international marriage, based on the English-speaking information site for “California Psychics” article, Ya mainly focused on foreign men of Western countries “foreign male lover We will introduce the makings three “to ask the wife. Men and women, is always equal in even marital relationship in lover. So foreign men, can we respect the time and hobbies that go out in the man between, prefer a calm woman even without always Bettari together.

Rather than “I will be happy”, “together with the happy woman, even one person, still I want to be happy” because is, it’s the ideal for foreign men.

3: women with confidence
Even if different people and ideas and opinions, is confidence and strength to proudly Tsuranukitoseru their own that very important. Like give us a strong influence on their own, foreign men and “women who sounds typing” is seeking.


Not only are men and women different on the outside, but also on the inside. Our brains are made differently. Men are better at certain tasks and women better at other tasks.

Many people say that women are selfish. I think that especially Japanese women are selfish. It is always,
“I’m hungry”
“I’m cold.”
“I want this.”
“I want to do this or that.”

The truth of the matter is that Japanese women are very concerned about whether you are interested in them or not. We hate to be disliked and we are always nervous you will lose interest. It is not just with men we like, but with our friends as well. We need confirmation all the time that we are important to you.

We do this by testing you. Are you listening intently to what we are saying? Are you responsive to our needs? If we say we are hungry, please suggest we get some food or even better making some food would go a long way to show how much you care. If we say we are cold or hot, please do whatever you can to make us feel more comfortable. If you react correctly to our needs then we feel like you like us and we feel closer to you.

This is one of the biggest keys to winning the heart of a Japanese woman. LISTEN and RESPOND accordingly. But it doesn’t stop there. Many Japanese will start to be selfish once you have officially started dating, so you should be prepared for such an outcome.

Another important part about getting along with Japanese women is to understand the importance of peace and understanding. We don’t like to fight, even if some of our words/actions might seem otherwise.

If we ask if we are wearing something cute or pretty, always respond with a yes. If we say that this food tastes great, please say yes it does. If we say we liked something try to agree with us. If we feel like our conversations are peaceful and going well, then we will feel closer to you and more likely to start dating.

Please keep all of my advice in mind the next time you are talking to a Japanese girl.
Good Luck and see you next time!(*^_^*)

Outside vs. Inside

The reality is that most women here who like foreign men do so simply for the reason that they are foreign men. It’s considered very cool to go out with foreign men; foreign men are considered very “kakkoi”, and many women are attracted to them for this reason. The first thing therefore that you have to be careful of is not becoming somebody’s plaything or status symbol. Many women who you meet who take an immediate liking are more interested and excited by what you are, rather than who you are.

You could be her boytoy, her cool gaijin boyfriend; she’ll show you off to all around her. She doesn’t really care what you have to say, and doesn’t really care about you. You’re almost a fashion accessory. These sorts of relationships tend not to last all that long. If you’re fine with the arrangement then go for it, but if you’re looking for something more serious (whether consciously or unconsciously), be careful not to get too attached to somebody who doesn’t care about you quite as deeply as she may make out.

Many, many men fall into this trap, and it’s sad to see them hurt.

Likewise, try not to get big-headed. A lot of foreign men start to believe that they are special, just because they are superficially treated as such. You may be treated like some sort of celebrity, but do try to remember that you’re not one. People’s excitement and interest in you is not as deep as it may appear.

I don’t wish to sound too melancholy. Of course feel free to go and have fun. There is no doubt lots of fun to be had. All I’m saying is that you should be aware that it often looks like a Japanese girl cares about you more than she truly does, so if you feel yourself becoming more attached, just keep your feet on the ground, and keep everything in mind, or it’s easy to get hurt.

All the best.

Carnivore Males and Herbivore Males

Hi there everyone, back again with another update.  Like I mentioned last week, sakura season is on its way, so I hope you are planning to have some kind of hanami party, whether it’s with friends or a certain special someone.  Countless songs, poems and works of art have been devoted to these trees, which bloom for about 2 weeks before falling off.  They are both seen as a symbol of beauty and its fleeting nature, as well as a reason to sit outside and drink a lot.  You definitely should experience it while you are in Japan.

If you are looking for good spots in Tokyo, here is a good list of the main spots.


Make sure to get there nice and early, because the best spots go fast.  And like I said, come prepared with a blue tarp, lots of food, beer and toilet paper.  A beautiful girl doesn’t hurt too.

Anyway, a quick tip for all of you.  Recently there is a tendency to lump men into two catergories: Carnivore Males (草食系男子/soushokukei danshi) and Herbivore Males (肉食系男子/nikushokukei danshi).

Simply put, Herbivore Males make up the majority of the male population in Japan, and are said to be one of the reasons for the declining birth rate in Japan.  They are your non-aggressive “nice guy” who may hang out with girls, but tends not to date often.  They may find solace in anime, video games, train photography, pornography, etc.  Unfortunately, this kind of inward movement has made them the lament of single Japanese women who are limited to the Carnivore Males – aggressive, forward, and very often douchey.  On the other hand, girls tend to go for these guys because they are more masculine, confident and assertive – all desirable in the eyes of a Japanese woman.

So what to do?

Well basically, don’t be an herbivore!  I’m not saying that you need to be a douche bag frat boy looking to bang every girl you see.  I am saying that you should act a little more manly when interacting with women.  Be polite, be a gentleman and first and foremost – don’t complain all the time.  Nobody likes a man who whines about their job/their life in Japan all of the time. Be positive and alive.  And of course, get out there and talk to some people!  Put down the game controller and hit up the nearest bar, join a club…do something with lots of people!

In any case, hope that gets you off to a good start.

Until next time!

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