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Daylight Savings in Hawaii? Not on My Watch!

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Aloha all, this is Marisa from Royal Kaila Spa!

As you may already know, daylight saving time has arrived, meaning that if you live on the mainland US, time is going to?spring forward and set clocks forward one hour. I say mainland, because Hawaii doesn’t observe daylight savings – which means that our time difference has changed too. Hawaii is now 6 hours behind New York, and 3 hours behind California. Internal clocks on your cellphones and computers make this change automatically, but you should definitely make sure that watches and wall clocks are changed so that you don’t lose track of time!

So the question is, why isn’t Hawaii observing daylight saving time? Well, Hawaii has never observed daylight saving time, instead opting out of the Uniform Time Act of 1967. Since Hawaii is in a tropical latitude, there is not a large variation in daylight length between winter and summer.

Even if we’ve lost an hour to daylight savings, I hope that you were still able to make the most of your day!

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