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Weekly Trivia at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers!

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Aloha all, it’s Marisa from Royal Kaila Spa!

Did yon know that every week Tuesday, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Aiea hosts a trivia night? Just past the Honolulu International Airport is Aiea, a part of the island that has a “small town feel” compared to bustling Waikiki, and it’s something I love. The trivia night is free to attend and you can also get the chance to win some prizes! While you’re there, you can also get HUGE burgers with big taste!

I like going to trivia night often, since it’s a fun time to spend with my friends who live out of town. I hope you’ll consider stepping out of Waikiki and visiting Aiea to see Hawaii outside of the busy city life!

We are an Aveda Concept Spa located on Waikiki Beach with the purpose of providing exceptional service and spreading the Aloha spirit to visitors and residents alike

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