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Try the Stress Fix!

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Hello-Hello! This is Emma~

Have you tried our Stress-Fix massage?

It is a massage from Aveda, and it’s really neat! It is clinically proven to reduce stress, and it accomplishes this by focusing on the neck and shoulders (where we tend to accumulate our stress), and uses a combination of deep tissue and Swedish style, as well as acupressure and reflexology. Another key component of the massage is the use of Aveda’s Stress Fix aroma, which is a blend of French lavender (yaass), lavandin, and clary sage. After experiencing this massage, be prepared to leave Royal Kaila feeling a lot more relaxed and stress-free~!

Also! We’re having a special going on this month with the Stress-Fix massage! Book an 80-minute Stress-Fix Massage, and you can get a FREE Caribbean Therapy back scrub/mask (It smells like mango!), and a FREE Hot Stone Foot Massage! Doesn’t that sound AMAZING?

Book your Stress-Fix today~!

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