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valentinesAloha all, this is Marisa from Royal Kaila Spa! This Friday is Valentine’s Day, and I am so excited for it to come! Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show love and appreciation not only towards your loved ones but also close friends and family. It’s a day I love because it’s a day I get to shower my husband with love and affection too!

If you’re looking for a gift this year, look no further than Royal Kaila Spa! We sell Aveda products that are great for pampering, like our Stressfix aroma and Tulasara Line. We also have several massages and treatments that can be provided in our gorgeous couples room, with a view of the beach – the perfect double date! Please call for availability, because we will be very busy on Valentines Day! We look forward to serving you still!

We are an Aveda Concept Spa located on Waikiki Beach with the purpose of providing exceptional service and spreading the Aloha spirit to visitors and residents alike

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