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honolulu marathon

honolulu marathon

Aloha and good morning! Today is a special day in our hearts where runners from around the world come together and run 26 miles across our beautiful island of Oahu. That’s right – today the Honolulu Marathon begins!

We greatly admire the strong men and women who travel from Ala Moana, through Waikiki, past Diamond Head, up the east coast, and back again. Running in the marathon and accomplishing this feat is nothing less than fantastic! Being able to strengthen you body and also build camaraderie with others running by your side is just astounding – hats off to you!

And of course, there’s no better way to soothe your aching and tired muscles than with an invigorating massage after the run! Royal Kaila Spa has several massage options available for different lengths of time; so whether you need a quick pick-me-up or full service after the marathon, we certainly have you covered!

Call the office today to see what we can do for you! Space is limited, so please don’t wait. Until then, please enjoy the Honolulu Marathon!

Written by: Marisa

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