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Newest Addition to the Family – Meet Bo

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I’m an animal lover. I hate to see any animals without a family. This is not really a great trait to have living in the city. Houses are expensive and not much land to have a lot of animals. I definitely encourage people to go the Hawaiian Humane Society or Oahu SPCA to adopt a pet. These animals probably had a hard life, maybe their families couldn’t take care of them and now they find themselves in a kennel, lone and abandoned. The newest addition to my family we adopted at Humane Society. He is just adorable!! We had to take him to the vet for his last shots. Found out he is not a fan of riding in cars!! (as shown in the pictures). Even while parked, he had to climb up to my husband while I ran in the store. We had a good laugh and figure, maybe he likes to be able to see out the window. :)



Written By:Chelsea

I am a part of the Royal Kaila. We are an Aveda Concept Spa located on Waikiki Beach with the purpose of providing exceptional service and spreading the Aloha spirit to visitors and residents alike

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