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Pet Walk

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I knew there was a pet walk on Oahu however I didn’t know there were several that is held during the year. Last week there was a pet walk on the “West Side”, so I thought I would attend. I didn’t realize how many dogs there were on that side! They had a photo booth, petco offered snacks, they had a mobile bath, plastic pools filled with water since it was so hot!

The best part of it, besides bonding with your pet and mingling???? They had booths along the route with food for both humans as well as your pet! Its not a race, but a casual walk for 1.25 miles. Definitely going to do it again next year!











Written By: Chelsea

I am a part of the Royal Kaila. We are an Aveda Concept Spa located on Waikiki Beach with the purpose of providing exceptional service and spreading the Aloha spirit to visitors and residents alike

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