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More Las Vegas Eateries

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A couple of weeks back I told you about a couple of places I ate at. ?Today, I have a couple of other places to talk about.

The noodle man is fantastic. Its about 20min away from the strip and a very small hole in the wall type of place. They make their own noodles! There is this one dish where the noodles is not the traditional noodles we are used to (like saimin). They actually slice it with a vegetable peeler! Its a different texture but it really is delicious!

IMG_2651 IMG_2648








The other place is called hash house. They are known for their chicken and waffles. Its enough to feed 2-3 hungry people. Whatever you order from here, make sure you share or you will have lots of leftovers!









The third place is my new found favorite dessert. I’ve seen his shows on tv so when I saw he had a location in Vegas, we had to go. Carlos Bakery. If you all watch cake boss….. you know what I’m talking about. I tried his cannoli’s plain and chocolate dipped. WOW amazing is how I can describe it. Next time, I was told to try the lobster tails. Not actual lobster but it just looks like it. I heard its even more amazing than the cannoli!

IMG_2599IMG_2950 IMG_2951Written By: Chelsea

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