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I just got back from Las Vegas and I want to share a couple of places I went to that had really good food. The first 2 photos is breakfast at a place called Babystacks. It is a short drive from the strip, (approx 10 min.). Very worth it!!! Adobo fried rice omelette with mocha chip pancakes, and the other one is a banana foster pancake!! Too die for! ?We also went to the Steakhouse in Circus Circus. The hotel/casino looks run down but trust me on this one. Go and eat here!! Its a little pricey but the steak was worth it. The porter house steak with garlic mash potatoes, asparagus AND french onion soup! If you’re a small eater, definitely enough to share with someone. I’ll be sending more photos and places we went. Soon you’ll be making a trip to Viva Las Vegas!



Written By:Chelsea

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