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What a beautiful location!

What a beautiful location!

Aloha everyone,
This is Mio from Royal Kaila wedding.
How are you doing well??
Here in Japan, the leaves change for red or yellow and so beautiful…
I hope you enjoy your life at your location,,,

Today I’m gonna introduce you the sunset beach photo plan,
it is also beautiful sight for your wedding in Hawaii.

You can take cheerful photos under the sunshine,
and the photos at sunset time must be romantic!
Which do you prefer??

Please check the plan here




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Big Island Wedding

Big Island Wedding

Aloha everyone!
This is Mio from Royal Kaila,
Haw are you doing well?

Have you ever been to Big Island?
Not only Oahu,
Big Island(Hawaii Island)is also sooo attractive island for wedding!!

Because there are not so crowded, calm,
and the nature is so rich,,,
everything would celebrate your wedding(*^_^*)

We have same photo package in Hawaii island,

Please add one to your location for wedding)^o^(


Click here

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Beach and Town Photo Plans(*^。^*)

Beach and Town Photo Plans(*^。^*)

Aloha everyone!
This is Mio from Royal Kaila wedding!
How are you doing well?

Today I’d like to introduce you the 2 location’s photo plan for the greedy you(*^。^*)
Not only the beach, the towns are also attractive spots to be taken wedding photos!

Waikiki town,the sunshine and lively, is just like that you may image!!!
You feel the aloha spirit from everywhere…

Would you be the leading role in the Waikiki town ??

Click here for the details

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Happy Halloween♪

Happy Halloween♪

Aloha everyone!
This is Mio from Royal Kaila.
How are you these days?

The Halloween will come soon!
Do you hae any plans for this year?
In hawaii, every year the huge number of the people enjoy their own costumes!
I’ve seen the parade before, but never join the line…
(I prefer see the crazy-funny costumes to wear(*^_^*))

And the casual photo plan,I introduced you the last week,
you can take your photos even if you wear the Halloween costumes(*^。^*)
That must be funny, isn’t it??


check the casual plan here




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