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Beach and Town Photo

Beach and Town Photo

Aloha Everyone!!

This is Mio from Royal Kaila.
How are you doing well?

Today I’m gonna show greedy you the wonderful plan !
If you can’t choose the one location to have shooting wedding photos,
what would you do??

We, Royal Kaila, present you both!!
You can choose the place Beach and Waikiki town or Downtown.

Waikiki town is exactly the HAWAII!!
Downtown makes you feeling nostalgia.
Witch would you prefer??

Beach and Downtown Photo plan


Beach and Waikiki town Photo plan

Check the each plan and find your favorite!!


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Contact us(*^。^*)

Contact us(*^。^*)

Aloha everyone!
This is Mio from Royal Kaila.
How are you doing well?

If you are supposed to have a ceremony in hawaii with your partner,
what would you be anxious?
or what would you expect for that?

since it must be your special day,
we are glad to support you!!

If you have any questions about the wedding in hawaii,
Contact us!

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Photo package from Royal Kaila

Photo package from Royal Kaila

Aloha everyone!!
This is Mio from Royal Kaila.
How are your days??

Here in Japan, it is in the middle of summer vacation.
But my area, the northern part, it has been raining…(;_:)
And no chance to go to the beach…

What are you interested in by the way?
Wedding in Hawaii!?

How would you compare the company to apply for the wedding?
The location?
The service??
The price???
We, Royal Kaila provide you wonderful package for you!!

I hope you’d contact us!

Please check the ”PRINCESS BEACH WEDDING” ‘s detail




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Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

aloha everyone!
This is Mio from Royal Kaila wedding.
How are you doing well?

Here in Japan, the kinds are in the middle of the summer vacation now, and
a lot of kids are around everywhere with smile…
I wish I’m gonna be back to my childhood even if it is just one day…
Since it is Summer vacation season, many Japanese go to sightseeing of travel somewhere

I’ve not been Hawaii for a long period, and I miss Hawaii.

I hope you enjoy your summer!

If you are planning to have a wedding ceremony in Hawaii,
we would recommend you to get SPA on your wedding day.( or the day before wedding)

Get the wonderful massage LOMILOMI and feel freshness with your body and soul)^o^(


Spa Menu is here!


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