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Princess Beach Photo

Princess Beach Photo

Aloha everyone!
This is Mio from Royal Kaila.
How are you doing well??
Here in Japan, we have many festivals in summer for each local aria,
they make us livening up feelings!
fire works, Mikoshi, Food stands…and so on.
Every Japanese love them!!
I hope you also have fun in your location(*^。^*)

Today I’m gonna introduce you the most poplar photo plan
The named ”Princess Beach Photo”

This standard plan includes 1-hour photo session on MagicIsland,
Dress and tuxedo and the other accessories,
Limousine and 100-cut data…

All you need to do is coming to our salon(^.^)

If you have any questions,
Feel free to contact us.

Check the plan here!!


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Aloha everyone!!
This is Mio from Royal Kaila wedding(^.^)
How is your day? And I hope you are doing well with your special partner♥

Today I’m gonna introduce you our premium albums with named jewelries.
Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and so on…
So cute name, aren’t they??

And you can choose your favorite photos by yourselves and put them on your album!
So you’d get your own album just for you(*^。^*)

You must remain the sweet moment everlasting…

Please check the Album details here!

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Premium Slideshow

Premium Slideshow

Aloha everyone!
This is Mio from Royal Kaila.
How have you been??
Here in Japan, the weather is so nice,,,,
No! Too nice…
The sun shines all day long…
How is your location??

Today I’m gonna introduce you our PREMIUM SLIDESHOW!

After taking wedding photos, you would get a DVD-date with 100 photos and a slideshow with 10 photos.
(It is included as a normal facility)
But if you choose the premium one(it is a optional),
The photos in slideshow would be 30!
You might satisfy with the volume.

If you would like to enjoy your slideshow with more length,
I recommend you the premium one.

Please check and compare the differences here!


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Kimono Style wedding

Kimono Style wedding

Aloha,everyone! This is Mio from Royal Kaila.
Here in Japan, SUMMER has come!
How is your day? How is your area??

If you are thinking to have a ceremony in Hawaii,
How would you like Japanese Style wedding?
We provide you 4 famous place or you!
Each Shrine or Tempe is popular for us.
And you must have heard the name Izumo Taisha or Dazaifu tenmangu ///
I’ d like you to experience the Kimono and Japanese style wedding in Hawaii!
Please check here!


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