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Visionari Package

Visionari Package

aloha everyone!

This is Mio from Royal Kaila.
How are your days??
The summer has come soon here in Japan(*^。^*)

Today I’m gonna introduce you the plan named ”VISIONARI PACKAGE”.
Have you ever heard their name?

They are the professional for the wedding photos and
so many stars or models are taken by them.

They are good for the wedding photo tought,
you would be the star, too by them.

There are 2 locations in this package.
1,Downtown + Beach
2,Downtown + Sunset

Check the details from here.
And also you should check their works!!


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Japanese Style Wedding in Hawaii

Japanese Style Wedding in Hawaii

Aloha everyone,This is Mio from Royal Kaila.
There are so many festivals or parades in Hawaii these days.
Do you have any specific or favorite festivals?
Please let me know your favorite one in your area(^_-)-☆

Today I’m gonna show you the Japanese style wedding in Hawaii.
We introduce you 4 different shrines in Hawaii.
And each place has their own historical story.

My favorite one is Izumo Taisha since there is a god for LOVE there.
You would be the prince and princess in summer Island wearing KIMONO!!

Please check here


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Contact Us(*^。^*)

Contact Us(*^。^*)

Aloha everyone!
This is Mio from Royal Kaila
It is the middle of June,
You would know the word ‘’ June Bride’’
You can see that this month is suitable for wedding.

If you don’t’ have time enough for preparing your special day,
Or thinking surprise to your honey,
You should add the idea of wedding in your mind!

We would take care of your wedding from Hawaii from now till your special day!
You don’t have to come to the salon for prepare!
It means you can have a ceremony wherever you live!
Contact us!!!!

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Your Happiest day in Hawaii

Your Happiest day in Hawaii

Aloha everyone!
This is Mio from Royal Kaila.
How are you doing well??
Here in Japan, it is rainy season these days.
But! The summer is coming soon in our place.

Have you ever thought about wedding in resort?
For us, Japanese, the wedding in Hawaii is getting poplar.
I never have met who doesn’t like Hawaii actually.

Wherever you live, the Hawaiian mood is so comfortable
If you like the sunshine, ocean, shopping, nature.

Why don’t’ you consider your happiest day in Hawaii?

Check the Princess Beach Photo


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