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Be a princess

Be a princess

Aloha everyone!
This is Mio from Royl Kaila wedding.

Here in Japan, the Golden week has come!
Have you ever heard the wonderfl named holidays??

the End of April to the begging of May chains some Japanese holidays and seems like ”GOLDEN” week.
that’s why we call that so.
Well… I’m working now…

I’m hoping you are well now wherever you are.

Today I’m gonna introduce you most poplar photo package.
You will be a princess♪

most of things you need for your wedding package are included.
Just bring yourselves for Hawaii.

The album is also poplar for the couples because
you are able to choose your favorite photos for your own album by yourselves.


Please check the Princess Beach Photo page)^o^(


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Beach & Moanalua Gardens

Beach & Moanalua Gardens

Aloha everyone.
This is Mio from Royal Kaila.
How is your days??

Here in Japan,we have a long period holidays, named ”GOLDEN WEEK” .
So many of Japanese would visit somewhere for their vacation.
Does your place have any specific holidays?
(I envy that many countries have a Christmas’ Holiday.)

Today I’ll introduce you the famous and popular place in Hawaii to take a wedding photo.
Have you ever heard ”Moanalua Gardens”?
For us, Japanese, the place is familiar because one of the Big Japanese company has used the
place for their Commercial on TV from more than 30 years.
The huge tree welcome you and celebrate you with the warm sunshine.
It must be a romantic wedding.

Hawaii is not only the BLUE ocean and the sky.
It has also GREEN.

You are able to enjoy the 2 color wedding photo.

Please check HERE.


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Aloha everyone!
This is Mio from Royal Kaila wedding.
How is your day??
Here in Japan, we feel and feel the spring winds,
and the summer is coming soon!

Today I’m gonna introduce you the reception Venues after your wedding ceremony.
Would you like to have a wedding party with your wonderful family?

You can enjoy your meal with your family, friends, in the beautiful ocean view restaurant.

We are proudly present you the special venues(*^。^*)
What kind of meal would you like?
What is your favorite situation to have dinner?

Not only the atmosphere, the taste is guaranteed!

Check the venues and find your best place.

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Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

Aloha everyone!
This is Mio from Royal Kaila wedding.
How are you these days??

Today I’m gonna introduce you our spa,ROYAL KAILA SPA in Hawaii(*^。^*)

The spa is located on the next to Royal Kaila wedding salon,
and you are able to have massage on your special wedding day!

The Spa have a wide variety.
If you are bride, you can get a special one for the bridal menu.
If you are gloom, you can get a foot massage.
And also you can get a couple massage in the same room with your love.

the organic prodacts named [AVEDA] is soooooooo nice scent.
And heal you for sure.

Why don’t you have a wonderful care before or after your wedding?
If you make a reservation for wedding and spa both,
we discount the spa price!!

Check the spa details)^o^(


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Would you like the JAPANESE STYLE WEDDING?

Would you like the JAPANESE STYLE WEDDING?

How is your day?
This is Mio from Royal Kaila wedding.

Today I’m gonna introduce you the JAPANESE STYLE WEDDING.
Do you have any idea or images for it??
With Kimono, in the shrine, by the shinto priest,,,,,

We are able to connect you to 4 traditional shrines.
The Japanese style is getting popular not only for the Japanese.

Have you ever heard the name of Shrines??
”Izumo Taisha”, ”Kotohira Shrine”,”Byodo-in”,”Daijingu temple”.

Izumo Taisha is famous for the god of LOVE,so this one is so popular
with the couples who are supposed to have a wedding ceremony.

We recommend you strongly if you haven’t worn the Kimono,
Why don’t you add the Japanese style with your choice in your Hawaii Wedding??


Check the plans(*^。^*)




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